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Want to grow your business?

A personal website is an important tool in the world of marketing, so we will take care of a website that is customized for you.

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Who are we?

We, at Devplanx, have specialized in creating impressive and unique online experiences. As partners for businesses and projects of all sizes, we offer customized solutions for our customers.

And we are made of a mission to stretch to serve our customers. We believe in creating real working relationships and a strategic partnership with our clients.

Our mission is to bring the customer’s idea to an impressive and integrated reality to create well-designed, technologically sophisticated, and commercially efficient websites. We call this ‘online growth’.

We are proud of the projects we have created and the positive impact we have had for our clients. Does it sound like we can help you bring your idea to life? Contact us today to start your online journey

Our services

Building customized websites

Custom website building is a process in which a website is built according to requirements adapted to the needs of the client. In the first stages, we will understand the client’s goals, his fields of activity, and his expectations from the site.

Marketing in social networks

Marketing in social networks is an important means of promoting brands, products and services in the digital age. Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, you can establish direct contact with the target audience and create effective communication. in social media marketing.


SEO is a process in which you try to improve the site’s position in the search results of search engines like Google. This is an important factor for recruiting organic traffic and improving the website’s visibility on the web.

Business automation

Business automation is the use of technology and maintained software to automate business processes, reducing the need for manual intervention. through business automation.

Marketing writing

In marketing writing, our goal is to create a solid and convincing message that will reach the target audience in an efficient and effective manner.

Development of complex systems

The development of complex systems is a process that includes the creation, integration, and construction of complex technological systems with different levels of planning and adjustment.

How do we work?
Interface characterization and user experience

Interface characterization and user experience

The characterization phase of the user interface and the user experience is a central phase in the website building process, where you define how the interface will look and how the website users will experience its use.
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Step 1
Website design and construction (customized).

Website design and construction (customized).

Website design and construction is one of the most important steps in protecting your website. When you reach this stage, you already have a clear idea and a plan about the content you want to put on the site. Now it's time to focus on the technical and design details of the site.
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Step 2
Approval of the website and the launch of the website!

Approval of the website and the launch of the website!

At this stage, the site is transferred to you so that if there is anything that needs to be changed, then after everything is in order, all that remains is for the site to go live.
Step 3
Questions & Answers
Why choose us?

Because we provide you with:

  • Professional website: a website that will look good, be efficient and secure.
  • Efficiency: a site that will work quickly and meet the needs of users.
  • Support: technical support.
  • Personal consulting: consulting regarding design, content, and business needs.
  • Security: Professional information security.

Committed to 100% satisfaction of our customers.

How much will it cost me to build a website?

The cost of building a website in WordPress may vary depending on several factors, including the variable from project to project. Therefore, it is difficult to specify an absolute average cost. But a general estimate can be given:

  • Amount of content: The price may also depend on the amount of content you want to add to the site. An image website usually contains several basic pages (such as the home page, about, services, contact us), and the content on them can be relatively limited.
  • Customizations and Extensions: If you want to customize the design estimate or add additional functionality (for example, contact forms, photo galleries, maps), this can add to the overall cost.
What additional costs should be considered?

for sure!

  • Storage and domain fees: You will also have to pay for storage services (such as server rental or shared storage) and domain registration (the site’s domain name,
    For example,
  • Website maintenance services: We specialize in all aspects of WordPress websites.
    We will take care of your website for everything it needs, from a hosting server and domain renewals.
    And we will also take care of any malfunction and make sure that the website is always up (online) and working properly.
    And in addition, we will secure the site against attacks and take care of backups every day in case we need it.
  • Content uploading services: Uploading content to the website can mean adding new products, adding images and media and also adding new pages and posts. Those who do not have the time and ability to upload new content to the website can use content uploading services.
    You can get service from us (of course at a discounted price).
How long does it take to build a website?

The time to build the website for the client can vary significantly depending on the type of website, its information and content, the level of the final product that is required, and many other factors. I will try to provide an overview:

  • A simple site: If the site is a simple site that contains a few basic pages and minimal information, you can expect a construction time of a few days or two weeks.
  • Business website: A business website can take longer, approximately 20 to 40 days, depending on special functions, and according to the WordPress content management system.
    Advanced website or complex system: Advanced websites with advanced functions can take months or even longer, depending on the level of development required and the size of the project. This can include e-commerce sites, information management systems, payment systems, complex plugins and more.
  • Large and complex sites: Large and complex sites, such as newsroom sites, social networks, or advanced web applications, can take months to build and develop.
    The field of information and professionalism: if the client provides all the required content and information quickly, it can shorten the required time.

In order to know the exact reporting time for your website, you should consult us.

WordPress or (React or Angular) with Node.js, are menu technologies and very popular in the world of website development and construction. The choice between them depends on the needs of the project

Here are the main differences between the two systems:

  • WordPress:
    Content Management: WordPress is a structured content management system, making it a popular platform for building blogs, newsroom websites, online store websites, and more. It is excellent for projects where the content has a lot of subtlety over the technical functions.
  • Optimized for SEO: it has good capabilities for branding and website promotion in search engines.
    Less well-suited for advanced
  • development: While advanced development can also be achieved using WordPress, this is not necessarily its first use. Developers can grow the platform with plugins and advanced solutions.
  • (Angular or React) and Node.js:
    Advanced Development: (Angular or React) is an advanced client-side development framework, using JavaScript for the user interface. Node.js is great for server-side and server-front development.
    Complete capabilities: with the help of (Angular or React) and Node.js, you can develop dynamic and advanced applications in a complete and customized way.
    Adapted to complex projects: their effectiveness is seen in large and complex projects, such as web applications, forums, social networks and more.
Is it possible to make changes to a website after it has already been prepared?

Yes absolutely!, in WordPress you can make changes to the site after it has already been prepared and ready. This is one of the advantages of a platform like WordPress.

In order to make changes, you will receive detailed guidance and explanation from him so that you can edit existing pages or posts, change the content, the images, and add new content easily.

However, it should be remembered that multiple or complex changes may affect the user experience of the surfers and the performance of the site. Moreover, when it comes to multiple or important changes, it is always recommended to consult us.

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